2063 Vision: Ministers move from ideas to action

African ministers attending the ninth eLearning Africa Ministerial Round Table in Cairo on May 24th are looking to turn dreams into reality.

Education and training are at the heart of the African Union’s 2063 Vision for a ‘transformed continent’, and ministers of Education, Skills, Finance and ICT from all over Africa will discuss delivery mechanisms at the annual Round Table on ICT for education, training and development.

“The ministers want to move from talk to action,” says Charles Senkondo, Executive Director ofTanzania’s Global Learning Agency (TaGLA), who will chair a session at the Round Table. “There is a mood now that the African Union’s 2063 Vision is a really exciting view of what Africa could be like for our children and we all want to focus on how to make it happen.”

“Education and technology are at the heart of it.”
A key issue for ministers at the Round Table will be how different countries can share critical communications infrastructure and expertise in order to create a “multiplier effect” in sectors crucial for future economic development such as education.

The Ministerial Round Table on ICT for education, training and development is held at eLearning Africa every year. The theme for this year’s eLearning Africa, which is being held in North Africa for the first time, is “Making Vision Reality: Imagination, Innovation, and Implementation.”

May 20, 2016