After a proper selection process, the ICWE proved to be the best placed company to provide the required services … I can highly recommend ICWE and its international team for the services of excellent quality that they provided. The company demonstrated its high level of professionalism, competence, accuracy and reliability in all steps of the work, which was carried out to the full satisfaction of the IBE senior management.

Clementina Acedo | International Bureau of Education Director – UNESCO

We were very pleased with ICWE professionalism, organisational skills and ability to ensure a smoothly running event even under difficult circumstances and multi-stakeholder ownership. Our targets were met thanks to ICWE … Not only did ICWE organise these events in record time, but also marketed them appropriately … Both events were a great success with a high turn-out. ICWE are extremely customer orientated and will always look to find the best solution with their customer in mind. They understand the need to be flexible, creative and to work fast to make sure that all targets are met even when plans change in mid-course and deadlines are cut. We would highly recommend ICWE to any organisation looking at staging an event even under the most difficult circumstances, be these geographical or time constraints.

Dr Cheick Modibo Diarra | Africa Chairman – Microsoft Corporation

ICWE was selected to manage the event through a competitive process from among a group of global conference and event management companies. Throughout the planning leading up to the conference, during the event itself, and the follow-up afterwards, ICWE GmbH exhibited consistently high standards of professionalism and competency and easily familiarised themselves with the often complex ways of dealing with a public private partnership such as Gavi … Hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the meeting was attended by three heads of state, one prime minister, 20 ministers and heads of UN agencies and global leaders from all over the world. A total of US$ 7.5 billion was raised … It is clear that the success of the Pledging Conference is due in large part to the efforts of ICWE GmbH.

Andrew Mends | Director of Operations –  Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

We have enjoyed a long and profitable relationship. The EAIE conference and its exhibition have seen tremendous growth over the years and is currently the largest event in its field in Europe … ICWE provides our exhibitors with excellent customer support – their flexibility, dedication and willingness to make the customer happy should be especially pointed out. Their team of hard-working staff work closely with EAIE staff to support changes we implement from year to year to deal with our ever-growing exhibition. The annual event is also held in a different venue and city each year, so ICWE is able to adapt to different venues and personnel and address the individual challenges each venue brings. Evaluations show that the ICWE staff provides excellent customer service to EAIE exhibitors, both pre- and post- conference. Special requests are handled promptly and professionally and in a time when exhibitors need more for less, creative solutions are always found to ensure their satisfaction.

Lisa MacPherson | Conference Manager – EAIE

Fin4ag was the largest and most extensive event ever staged focusing specifically on agri-financing. The conference attracted over 800 delegates from 80 ACP countries to Nairobi. It was a high level event, 30% of attendants of which were from Ministries, the Media and international organizations. The results of a conference performance evaluation indicated a high level of satisfaction with all aspects of the conference, including the logistics arrangements prior, during and after the event. A lot of this success is definitely based on the high professionalism of ICWE GmbH.

Lamon Rutten | PMI Programme Manager –  Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

The services provided comprised the logistical support (including conference organisation, website development and management), the development of contents (in cooperation with the respective task forces for the European Years) and task in the area of public relations, stakeholder relations and communication. The service delivered was greatly appreciated.

Joachim Ott | Deputy Head of Unit – European Commission DG Communication

ICWE directly managed the overall participant experience before and during the event. Throughout the entire process ICWE showed exceptional professionalism and competency in their work … ICWE excelled at coordinating and communicating with event participants as well as with the Beyond Access team. They provided consistent information on the participant registration process and event logistics. They also actively sought to understand the goals and objectives the Beyond Access team wanted to achieve through the event. This understanding allowed them to create a seamless participant experience. Response to the event by both participants and facilitators was overwhelmingly positive. There is no doubt that the work of ICWE was key to the event’s success.

Rachel Crocker | Project Coordinator – Beyond Access Initiative, Media, Technology, and Civil Society Division (IREX)