Language learning made easy: Immerse yourself in a world of languages at Expolingua Berlin

Language learning made easy: Immerse yourself in a world of languages at Expolingua Berlin

Need to brush up on your holiday vocabulary? Or maybe you are worried about plunging back into business German after your vacation? Whether it’s for work or play, language courses, apps, audio programs and tandems assist with learning a new language or refreshing existing language skills. Find out about various language learning methods and which are most suitable for you at this year’s Expolingua Berlin, taking place from November 20 – 21, 2015.

“Language holidays are especially appealing to young people and apps are very practical for frequent travelling professionals. At Expolingua Berlin, our visitors can immerse themselves in a world of languages and experience foreign cultures first-hand,” explains Expolingua Berlin’s project manager Silke Lieber. “The offers range from language courses, to language holidays, online courses, exchange programmes and language apps.”

At the leading language fair in Germany, more than 150 exhibitors from 25 countries will provide information on the wide range of possibilities for learning and teaching foreign languages. Language schools, language holiday organisers, exchange organisations, embassies and cultural institutes will be available to provide first-hand advice on language learning methods.

If you still don’t know which language to choose, you can try out a 45-minute mini language course offered in various languages, or take part in cultural activities to stimulate the senses and inspire you to find out more.

Expolingua attracts over 10,000 keen visitors every year, including school and university students, professionals, teachers and lecturers, interpreters and other people interested in improving their language skills.

September 7, 2015